Sony May Not Be Done Acquiring Studios

Sony Is Still Acquiring Studios After the Bungie Deal

Sony recently made a big splash by buying Bungie, and they may not be done yet. In an interview, Jim Ryan said, “We should expect more” studio acquisitions. It sounds like it is going to be an interesting year for video games, to say the least.

Jim Ryan had this to say in a recent interview:

“I’ve been on record talking about increasing the size of the PlayStation community. We are starting to go multiplatform. You’ve seen that. We have an aggressive roadmap with live services and the opportunity to work with — and particularly learn from — the brilliant and talented people from Bungie.”

It also sounds like we might be getting some more big news sooner rather than later. Jim Ryan also said Bungie is going to “considerably accelerate the journey we find ourselves on.”

It sounds like Bungie is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. I have no idea what is in store for the future, but I’m excited and mildly worried.

I don’t want Sony and Microsoft just to go out and buy all of the studios. Sony acquiring more studios is exciting and worrying. Who is on the chopping block next? Ubisoft? EA? Take 2? Or is it some smaller studios that don’t have the same name but are just as talented?

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Sony and Microsoft aren’t approaching Disney levels of monopoly just yet, but I think it is fair to worry about this. Independence is great and leads to some fantastic innovation, and I don’t want to lose out on that.

Do you like Sony and Microsoft buying up these studios? What studios do you think Sony is eying next? Let us know in the comments below!