Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines DLC Will Introduce Weapons and Much More

Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines DLC Will Introduce Weapons and Much More

Phoenix Point released in 2019 and was highly anticipated as it followed the lines of X-Com. Since its release, the developers, SnapShot Games and Saber Minsk, have poured content into the title. Today, the teams have announced that Phoenix Point DLC 5, Kaos Engines, will launch on March 1st, 2022. It will introduce new weapons, customizations and more. The downloadable content will be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox One and Stadia. It will be available for all Expansion Pass or Season Pass owners to purchase at $4.99USD.

The thirty-second reveal trailer for the DLC showcases some of the vehicles and showcases potential upgrades for them.

In Kaos Engines, the Kaos Syndicates enters the mayhem and as a result, there will be new weaponry, upgrades and missions to enjoy. Players must take on the newest threats in their Kaos Buggy, a customizable vehicle, or using Kaos Tech guns. Kaos Tech guns are very powerful, but come at a price.

Other key features in Kaos Engines include four new missions for players to engage in along with five new Kaos Tech weapons. Also, players can use scavenged goods to purchase unique weapons and vehicular technology for their main campaign.

Also, in the new expansion, players will have a wider variety of vehicle customization available. Players can upgrade their vehicles with a new hull module, engine, weaponry and mix and match components and paint to fit their style.

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is currently available, allowing players to test their mettle on the battlefield and defeat their enemies.

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