Dyson Sphere Program Is Gets Major Update for Its First Birthday

Dyson Sphere Program Gets Major Update

Dyson Sphere Program is celebrating its first birthday the best way it can. With a major update! Really, there is no other way to celebrate a game. Just give us some more of it.


Here are the major changes and addition:

  • Dyson sphere system features: This update has completely remade the Dyson sphere system and the editing interface for sphere designs. Some new features will be added, including: hiding the Dyson sphere by layer, Dyson sphere blueprint system will be added, optimization of Dyson shell.
  • Mecha Customization: As the core content of the update, a mecha customization editor is added. The editor is feature-rich and gives players a high degree of freedom to design their mecha, allowing them to customize the appearance of Icarus’ directly in great detail
  • Advanced Mining Machine: Advanced mining machine will also be implemented in this update. It will be more convenient for players to decide mining location. Meanwhile mining speed will also be greatly improved.
  • Spray coater and Proliferator: Spray coater, Proliferator (was previously known as Accelerator), along with other items and functions that significantly improve the efficiency of the production line will be found in this major update. Players will be able to experiment with more diverse factory layout strategies.


This seems like a fantastic update that offers players plenty of new stuff to play around with. I’m always happy to see games get so much post-support, even a year after launch.

Dyson Sphere Program seems like the perfect chill game. Just sit back and build. I somehow missed this game despite being moderately interested in factory-styled games.

Source: Press Release