Deflector, Bullet Hell Roguelike, Enters Steam Early Access

The Power of Science and Nature

Welcome to the microscope and prepare for a bullet hell smaller than ever. Developer Arrowfist Games new bullet hell roguelike game, Deflector, is now on Steam Early Access. A press release about the game provides more details on the microscopic, adrenaline-fueled, adventure that takes place in the world of Deflector.

Deflector Early Access

Deflector places the player in control of a specimen. These specimen are each able to use their unique abilities to compliment individual player playstyles. Additionally, each specimen can use further modifications to upgrade themselves by collecting DNA. The landscape of the game is as alien as a space adventure and each, non-linear, journey will contain equally as alien enemies. 

Furthermore, Deflector features an open, more free-form, upgrade system. This allows players to equip their specimen with a variety of different skills that they can combo together. Some of the powers range from explosive clones, to electric chains, to moving the very ground itself. The system provides flexibility and freedom of play for players as one would hope to see in a roguelike. 

Players get a view of the action in the official Early Access launch trailer.  

In addition to the game’s arrival on Early Access players can also try the game out before purchase. Deflector: Specimen Zero provides players a chance to practice the game in a thirty-minute trial. All you need to do is download the free game and play. Completing this trial will also grant you a cosmetic in the real game.  

Deflector is now on Steam Early Access. Yet, until February 2nd, early buyers of the game get a 10% discount. Currently Deflector costs $14.99 on the Steam Store.