Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: Heist Introduces A Ton of New Content

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: Heist Introduces A Ton of New Content

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games around. The mobile gaming industry has flourished over the past few years and has made billions off microtransactions and more. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1: Hacienda is set to release on January 19th, 2022 and will introduce a new storyline, maps and other content. Call of Duty: Mobile is currently free to play on iOS and Android.

In this season, Makarov is the head of a major crime syndicate.  Players will experience two new maps, Hacienda and Nuketown Temple. Hacienda, a map from Black Ops 4, takes operators into the Spanish countryside. Players will fight in vineyards, the courtyard and boathouses. Nuketown Temple will be a fresh twist on the legendary map.

Furthermore, there are two new events, Winter Wish and Lunar New Year Puzzle. In both events, players will complete tasks and earn rewards upon their success. In Battle Royale, the Isolated and Blackout Maps will have two some changes to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Additionally, on Isolated, players can have fun in a snowboarding mini-game.

Also, there are fifty new tiers in the Battle Pass for players to unlock. Some of the rewards include new operators such as Makarov, Yuri and Kingfish, functional weapons, blueprints, calling cards and much more. The unlockable weapons include the Kilo 141 and PPSH-41 SMG.

Across the season, players can expect various updates and improvements to the game. There will also be new seasonal challenges, bundles and lucky draws to look forward to.

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SOURCE: Press Release