Bloodroots Hacks its Way onto Switch with Limited Physical Release

A Rare Release

Get ready to make the world your weapon players. Paper Cult in a collaboration with Super Rare Games is bringing their hack and slash action game, Bloodroots, to Nintendo Switch as a physical copy. However, in Super Rare fashion, the physical copies are a limited time only offer. Only so many of them will be sold. A press release about the physical copy of the game provides more details. 

Bloodroots feature


Bloodroots is a brutal and, well, bloody action game. Players take on the role of Mr. Wolf. As Mr. Wolf the world is your weapon. You must use a combination of anything you can to kill your enemies and take revenge on those who betrayed you. The combat is fast-paced, where one hit kills everybody including you. Players will trek across many hand crafted levels that all take place in a weir west setting. 

A trailer released alongside the announcement shows off the game’s style and brutality. In addition it emphasizes the fast paced gameplay. 

The game appears very fast. Mr. Wolf sprints through each area shown in the trailer killing any in his way. The player has to think on their feet and chain together combos to compete on the world scoreboard. Additionally, the trailer shows of a boss fight and how it works. 

Bloodroots, physical editions, go on sale on January 13th. Currently, Super Rare Games is only making 4000 copies of the physical game. Of course, this means they are very rare. In addition to the physical copy, players who purchase the game will also receive a full-color manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.  Are you going to buy the physical copy of Bloodroots?