World Nations Comes to Steam Today

Free-to-Play MMO World Nations is Out Today

Today World Nations debuted on Steam. The new free-to-play roleplaying game gives players a virtual life where they can join a nation and can buy vehicles, properties and many different items. But there is more to the game than conspicuous consumption.

Players in World Nations start as a citizen in a virtual country of their choice. Each country is based on an actual country in the real world. Eventually, as players advance through their lives, they will be able to do different things based on what they invest their time in.

Screenshot World Nations

Players will have the chance to open a political party and work their way up their country’s political system. Eventually, players will have the chance to become a senator or the president of their nation. Once they attain this position, they will be able to run the country as they see fit.

Players will be able to manage resources and launch attacks on other citizens and their countries. There is even an outer space counterpart to the game, so look out for space colonies out to rival you.

Check out the trailer below to get a feel for its gameplay.

World Nations is a multiplayer online game that offers countless items for players to buy for their citizen and enjoy their life. However, international war is always lurking around the corner. So players better prepare themselves for anything.

You can download World Nations today on Steam for free. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to control a country, then give the game a try this holiday season.