Max Inferno Partners With Secret Mode

Partnership Will Bring Max Inferno’s Debut Game to PC and Switch in 2022

Today, Secret Mode announced a new partnership with Max Inferno. The company will help the Canadian developer bring their debut title to PC and Nintendo Switch in August 2022.

A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game. Players must sort, stacks and organize household items into pleasing arrangements. These include everything from paintings on the wall to pencil crayons and random collections of paperwork. It is a relaxing experience that is set to soft piano music. However, make sure you watch out for the nefarious cat who will try to wreck your creations.

Annie Macmillan and Lukas Steinman formed Max Inferno in 2021. As many people during the first lockdown, the two were stuck inside together for a long time. Chores took up a lot of their time, and they found the cleaning and tidying to actually be quiet calming. It is their first game that was borne out of this calming influence the two found in cleaning and tidying.

Max Inferno partners with Secret Mode

While players will have to wait until next summer for the game’s release, it has already received a lot of accolades from its debut at E3. Get a feel for the relaxing organization ahead in the trailer below. Maybe your quarantine habit will make a good game one day as well.