Marvel: Future Fight Update Introduces New Spiderman Content and More

Marvel: Future Fight Update Introduces New Spiderman Content and More

Netmarble Corporation is a Korean company that was formed in 2000. Since its inception, the team have worked on various titles, particularly in the mobile industry. Some of these titles include The Seven Deadly SIns, Blade & Soul Revolution and Marvel: Future Fight. Marvel’s video game catalogue has expanded quickly over the past two years with the release of Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Netmarble Corporation have now released a new update for Marvel: Future Fight. The latest update introduces some fun content for fans to enjoy.

In this update, players will be able to don five new uniforms. Players can now collect a uniform from Spiderman: No Way Home, Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie that is currently in cinemas. The costumes include the Spiderman: No Way Home (Black and Gold Suit) and the Integrated Suit. Spiderman fans will have a ton of fun with this.

Furthermore, the Winter Criminal costumes are now available for Kingpin and Black Cat. Additionally, Dispatch Missions also received new Sector 11 and Sector 12 levels. These levels feature new themes and allow players to challenge themselves with equal rewards.

The developers have thrown some other content into the update including autoplay in Alliance Battle and auto-repeat functionality for Dimension Rift. Also, Kingpin can now be updated to Tier 3 and features a new Ultimate Skill.

Marvel: Future Fight is an action RPG that has a massive player-base with over 100 million active users. The game is currently available on the iOS App Store and Google Play for free.

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SOURCE: Press Release