Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a Buggy Mess

Pokémon’s Buggiest Game Since Generation 1

Most Nintendo games in the past decade have been very well polished with little to no bugs. Long gone are the days of the Nintendo 64 where glitches and exploits could be performed by anyone with relative ease. After fans have had a few days with the latest Pokémon game, however, it seems those days may not be long gone after all.

Pokemon Shining Pearl

Game Freak’s latest game Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for the Nintendo Switch is littered with game-breaking bugs. Fans have found a ton of exploits that are all incredibly easy to replicate.

One glitch lets players reach out-of-bounds areas. All you have to do to perform this glitch is go into an area that’s one tile wide, hop on your bike and start spinning. That’s it. You have completed this glitch.

Another glitch can actually soft loft your game file. In the game’s seventh gym, an ice-type gym, players are supposed to navigate the icy floors by sliding into big snowballs. The snowballs are destroyed, and a path to the leader opens up. This can be ignored by lightly spamming the diagonal input on the joystick which causes the player to slide up slopes and reach the gym leader with ease.

The soft lock happens in a similar way to skipping the gym’s puzzle. All the player has to do is slowly walk into the center slope of the gym in between the snowballs. You have to slide down the slope without enough momentum to slide up the adjacent slope. You are now stuck here for eternity. If you save the game in this state, you will be unable to progress any further. You will have to delete your save file and restart.

This is easily the most broken main series Pokémon game since generation 1. The game will most likely receive a patch in the coming weeks to fix these problems.