The Discord App Might Crash Your Copy of Forza Horizon 5

Might Wanna Steer Clear of This One

Forza Horizon 5 might have had a fast start when it released to critical praise, but a bump in the road is causing headaches for any drivers looking to show the game off to their friends. Crashes in games aren’t unheard of, but when they’re linked to a program as common as Discord, you’d better drive safe.

The game’s support page lists a few programs known to cause crashes when used in tandem with Forza. Among them is Wallpaper Engine, OBS, and of course, Discord – though no specific reasons, probabilities, nor causes were given. But that ambiguity was cleared up pretty quick when players got the game for themselves, and tried to stream gameplay over Discord.

The culprit was the Screen Share feature all along. Apparently there’s a workaround, though it’s a bit on the convoluted side, and not for the feint of heart. It doesn’t just involve tweaking things in-game and Discord, you’ll need some help from OBS as an in-between and you’d better come equipped with multiple audio sources. If you’re brave enough, you can absolutely stream the new Forza to your friends – but depending on how much you know about computers, it might come at the expense your sanity. It’s up to you whether that adventure is worth your time.

According to an article on PCGamer, a common thread connects all the programs known to cause crashes in Forza: “All of them are commonly used programs that inject themselves into games to display in-game overlays or to output video streams. Discord’s Go Live feature likely runs into the same problems as the other software.” This is an issue that Forza Horizon 4 shared, so it seems to be more-or-less baked into the way Forza games are designed. A patch isn’t out of the question, but as of yet, there’s no news on when one might see the light of day.