Animal Crossings: New Horizon’s Version Update Is Out Early

Time to Have Some Fun With This New Update!

Animal Crossings: New Horizon’s Update has come out earlier than expected. Originally, the release date for the Update was set out on November 5, 2021, but it seems that Nintendo could not wait. Now players can open up their games and enjoy the new features that come with them, such as Kapp’n’s boat tours, the new Island Ordinances, and of course, what everyone has been waiting for – Brewster and his coffee shop, the Roost. However, while the update is now live, this does not mean that the DLC is too! That appears to still be waiting in the wings, or at least, waiting until the original release date of November 5th.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Brewster

But having Brewster, Katrina, Tortimer, Harriet, Wardell, and many others added to the experience, it may be possible to wait for the paid DLC Happy Home Paradise for a day. Or at least, keep playing until the paid DLC is possible to play.

This is an unexpected, if pleasant surprise for players and fans alike, as this is set to be the last big update, as well as the last free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But with it, there are a lot of features that come with it, as we’ve said previously, with the Roost, the coffee house now on the upper floors of the museum, as well as Harv’s Island being available to build all sorts of shops and the ability to use things such permanent ladders, and expanded house storage which is always a huge plus. It’s also now possible to cook, using such things as sugar cane, tomatoes, and wheat to make things such as Pizza. Who knows, maybe it’ll help the pizza cravings or make them worse!

If there isn’t an automatic prompt for the update, be sure to hit the “+” on the Animal Crossing software in the Switch main menu and choose “Software Update Via the Internet.”

Have you already started to play the new update? Gotten yourself a Froggy Chair that comes with the update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter or Facebook!