Mech Combat Game Vengeance Is Mine Is in Development

Mech Combat With Time Travel

Vengeance is Mine is in development by 110 Industries and features brutal mech combat with a time manipulation mechanic. Thanks to the capabilities of the HYDRA mech suit, the player will have the ability to speed up time and blink towards unsuspecting enemies or rewind time to readjust combos or evade death. HYDRA also comes packing an energy-based projectile weapon that allows you to take on foes at a distance.

Players will take the role of Gabriel Jaeger, brutally executed by three-time travelers heading back to 1664 to obtain an old piece of technology that will allow them to operate the Deacon – a derelict military installation buried under the streets of New Amsterdam. Charles Jaeger, now in complete control of the Deacon, rallies his flock to meet their spiritual leader Robert Wright beyond the horizon of space and time. His only problem is Gabriel. Barely making it out alive, Gabriel is in control of the prototype HYDRA mech suit and ready to wreak his revenge.

It certainly sounds like a time travel story. It is a little confusing and will probably make more sense when it is actually happening on screen. All I know is there are mechs and time travel. That’s all that really matters.

Sergei Kolobashkin, Founder and Creative Director at 110 Industries, had this to say on the game:

“We’re thrilled to introduce people to the time-manipulation mech combat we’re bringing to the table with Vengeance Is Mine. As we continue to work on bringing the game to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, we will have plenty more exciting information to share, so please keep your eyes open!” 

This is definitely one I’m going to keep an eye on. It sounds crazy, and time manipulation powers are usually incredibly fun in video games. I don’t know how the story will play out, but if the combat is good, that’s what matters in this type of game.

Source: Press Release