Playstation Now Announces September Games; Includes Killing Floor 2

Playstation Now Announces Three Big Additions

With impeccable timing, Playstation Now makes Killing Floor 2 available starting this month, along with other big games to its roster.  Playstation Now is Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass, and allows you to download or stream a large collection of games.

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With the recent controversy and stepping down of Tripwire Interactive’s CEO over his political statements, Playstation Now couldn’t have picked a worse time to release Killing Floor 2 on their service.  Ignoring the recent news, Killing Floor 2 is an excellent first person zombie shooter game.

The two biggest games added to Playstation Now this month are Tekken 7 and Final Fantasy 7.  Although Tekken 7 was already released in North America and Canada, this news will mark the addition of one of the biggest 3D fighting games to Playstation Now.  Just be warned – the game will only be available on the service until February 28th of next year.  Final Fantasy 7, on the other hand, will mark the beginning of Playstation Now’s gradual additions of classic Final Fantasy games to the service.  Starting from Final Fantasy 7 this month, Playstation Now will add four more Final Fantasy to the service, up to Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age in January.

Finally, there are a few smaller games being added to the service.  Moonlighter, an action RPG, is a fun indie game that allows you to manage your shop by day and explore dungeons by night.  The isometric RPG, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, features real-time or turn-based combat and focuses on a medieval fantasy experience.  Finally, Windbound is an indie game that focuses on explorational survival.

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