Godfall’s PS4 Back-Release Kept Signature Style, but Muted Graphics

Godfall Was Made With PS5 in Mind, but Can Be Played on the PS4 by August 10th

Godfall got a lot of hype as it came close to its launch. Upon its official release to the gaming community, however, its fans were left dissatisfied with the game’s lack of depth, as well as a clear over-reliance on grinding. It has been 10 months and fans are starting to get antsy about when Counterplay Games will finally address the game’s issues.

Godfall ps4 release

Thankfully, it would seem that Godfall’s gameplay issues may be fixed when the update is rolled out on August 10—which is also the same time that the game will be playable on Sony’s last-gen console.

Apart from giving the PS4 some attention through a back-release, Godfall is also going to be getting two new expansions. The first expansion, Fire and Darkness, will be giving Godfall players access to a new location. The second one, Lightbringer, is an update that has promised to expand Godfall’s endgame content.

When Godfall was released to the public nearly a year ago, it was only playable on the market’s next-gen consoles. As previously mentioned, come August 10th, the game can then also be played on the PS4. However, players need to take into account that Godfall was developed with forward-facing features, such as ray tracing. With that said, paring it down to work well on last-gen hardware was no easy feat.

Players who are expecting ray tracing on Godfall’s PS4 version will be hugely disappointed. Simply put, last-gen hardware is just not made to render traced rays in any way that can make the game playable.

Furthermore, because of the apparent lack of ray tracing, the PS4 version of the game looks a tad bit muted. Its world graphics just does not have the same bloom and shine that are showcased in today’s next-gen consoles. The in-game lighting still makes the surroundings pretty, but there is reportedly a muted feel to it—especially compared to its PS5 counterpart.