The Garden Path Sprouts in 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch

Community Garden

If you enjoy gardening sims and stylish indie games, you may want to check out The Garden Path. A Kickstarter for The Garden Path began earlier this year and just concluded yesterday. It is a chill game of exploration, gardening, meeting new people, and doing things at your own pace.

The art style of The Garden Path is reminiscent of children’s books like Where the Wild Things Are and The Stinky Cheese Man. The illustrations for The Garden Path are done by Louis Durrant, who is also the lead developer.

The Garden Path

There are different activities for your character to do while exploring this garden, such as fishing, planting various crops, and meeting strangers with vegetables for heads. The garden is overgrown and under appreciated when you arrive, but a little work and a little love will change all that. Your efforts may even convince some of the strangers passing through to make this place they permanent residence.

Like many farming and gardening sims, seasons will change as time passes. The Garden Path has its day and night cycle pass in real time. Each season in-game is the equivalent of a real-world week. One month in real life is the length of one year in the game.

The Garden Path hit its Kickstarter goal earlier this month and recently reached its second goal, which will bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. There is no concrete release date, but backers are being told that it will be ready sometime in October 2021. The Garden Path will be available later this year for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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