Death Stranding Director’s Cut Launch Trailer Almost Finished, Says Hideo Kojima

It’s Good to Hear From Kojima Again

Hideo Kojima, the purveyor of weird games with surprisingly great characters and resonant themes, is back in the saddle and hard at work on Death Stranding Director’s Cut–by which we mean, he appears to be editing the launch trailer himself. And if his recent comments on his Japanese Twitter account are anything to go by, he’s almost done.

On his Japanese Twitter, Kojima has shared some updates on the Director’s Cut trailer that DualShockers was able to translate. Reportedly, they describe several concepts he kept in mind while working on the trailer and how he’s aiming to catch the attention of certain audience groups.

Kojima states that: “I made the launch trailer of Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5 following these concepts, and to catch the attention of the following groups: movie fans who don’t know about DS yet. Those who play games but didn’t play DS yet. Those who started playing DS but didn’t finish it, and lastly making it so those who finished DS like the game even more.”

In the quote Tweet, he adds: “This is the second time we’re launching the game, so this is a trailer that conveys in a concise way the game’s unique atmosphere, world, and characters”.

Death Stranding was a success by any measure, so it’s not exactly a surprise to hear that Kojima is working on an updated and polished version for PS5. However, it is a bit surprising to learn that he’s still so very involved with telling this story, well after another director might have taken a step back or moved on to work on something newer.

In a previous Tweet on his English account, Kojima discussed the editing process for the trailer and expressed insecurity about reshooting gameplay footage. It’s currently uncertain when the launch trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut will finally air, but we hope it’ll be spectacular.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available on PS5 later in 2021.

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