Swedish Mayor Pleads With Government Over eSports Tournament

Swedish Mayor Blasts Government Over eSports Tournament

The Covid-19 pandemic has hampered much of human life, including live events. Unfortunately, the restrictions have led to a serious impact on the video game industry from the cancellation of video game events to the delay of video games.

The extent of the restrictions is seen in eSports tournaments as many have been restricted to online play only or LAN events without fans. Today, the Mayor of Sweden, Anna Jerlmyr, has written to the Swedish government signaling the importance of CS:GO tournaments and eSports to the country, and asking that it be held in Sweden.

CS:GO Tournament


The letter begins by stating that the Government would make a mistake by moving the Counterstrike tournament from Sweden, as it did with the DOTA International, which was moved to Bucharest only two weeks ago. The Mayor indicates that the positive side effect of these tournaments is increased revenue for hotels, restaurants, businesses and Sweden’s rich culture. The Mayor understandably notes the importance of the restrictions to combat the pandemic and that it is very necessary, but that most persons attending would be at least partially vaccinated with their first dose.

In concluding, Jerlmyr stated that the eSports tournament being held in Sweden would signal to the world that Sweden is a home for eSports. In a follow-up letter by the Mayor to an eSports organization, she noted that eSports is the future and she would try her best to have the tournament held in Sweden.

What are your thoughts on the Mayor’s position? Should Sweden compromise to allow the CS:GO tournament to be held there regardless of the restrictions? What do you think about the growth of eSports? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.