Mass Effect Legendary Edition Reveals Player Choices

A Welcome Look Back

BioWare has released a fun graph showcasing the different choices player’s made during their adventure to save the universe from the Reaper threat in Mass Effect Legendary Editon. Personally, I always play these games following the Paragon route. I generally refuse to be mean to people, virtual or not, as it makes me feel bad. It is fun to take a look and see how your decisions compare to everyone else’s. It is good to know the community recognizes that Garrus and Tali are the best characters in Mass Effect.

Now, I do need to know who decided to exile Tali. I just want to talk as I need to understand how you can be so heartless to exile the best character in the trilogy. I want you to know we can never be friends. Now, for punching the reporter in the face? I’m a Goody two-shoes, and I absolutely punched her in the face. You can only take so much before you snap, and she had it coming to her.

I’m honestly a little surprised by the 60-40 split on the Virmire mission. I just assumed Ashley was far more popular, and she does have the edge, but it is closer than I expected. It is also true that everyone missed scanning a Keeper because you could have sworn you already scanned it. If you deny this, then you are a liar. I don’t make the rules; BioWare clearly has the stats here.

Did you make similar decisions on your playthrough of the trilogy? Were you Paragon or Renegade? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Twitter