Everything Revealed In The Halo Infinite Flight Preview

Halo Insiders, Rejoice!

343 has just previewed the first Halo infinite flight, showing a lengthy gameplay clip recorded last week on the Xbox One console, a full PvP match on the Xbox Series X, lots of customization options, bots, and weapon drills, and the first look at the new battle pass system.

The showcase also highlights various options and settings. You can now change the field of view to up to 120 degrees; you can also change the outlines for Friendly and Enemy players and the option to set your mic off because it’s automatically on in this preview.

The flight starts tomorrow to a select number of Halo Insiders and will be available all the way through Sunday. The build shown in the stream and that the players will be trying out is 2 months old.


You’ll be happy to know that even in just the preview, you’ll have plenty of options to make your spartan your own through customization, using the brand new battle pass system.

Armor Hall: This is where you can customize your spartan. Change your armor, helmet, armor coating, shoulder pads, and various other options.

Weapons bench: This is where you can browse the game’s weapons and change their skins as you wish.

Vehicle Bay: This is where you can view all available vehicles and customize them as you wish.  It’s worth mentioning that vehicles won’t be available in this first technical preview.

Body and AI: This is where you can change your body type and add prosthetics for each of your limbs. It’s also where you can view all available AI’s, choose which to use, and change their colors.

Battle Pass

The game will start with season 0 for the battle pass. In the preview, players will have free credits to purchase the battle pass and try it out. There will be only 20 levels in the preview, but it will be larger when the game comes out.

The battle pass is where you’ll want to invest your time unlocking all types of customization options, AI’s, nameplates, and more. It’s worth mentioning that if you ever decide to purchase a battle pass, it won’t expire, meaning that you can always choose which battle pass you want to progress in while playing.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass

For players who don’t want to purchase the battle pass, there will be free tiers for anyone to unlock while playing. There will also be challenges that, with time and effort, will unlock rewards as you play the game.

Bots Bots Bots

The Academy is where you learn about your purpose as a spartan in the Halo universe; it’s where you’ll learn the halo lore and where you’ll practice the new Halo weapons in the Weapon Drills.

The 343 team has shown off the Weapon Drills mode in the stream, showing off the new commander weapon, the new BR, and the brand new weapon, “Heatwave.” The mode also shows off how much bots are more intuitive; they don’t just stand in place or walk in a straight line. They actively try to dodge and weave to avoid your shots.

The mode will be available in the preview, and bots are the bedrock of it. They will be your companions and foes when training, and you’ll be able to change their difficulty depending on where you are in the game.

For those who will be spending time on the Technical Preview to help the team with feedback to make the game even more of a better experience at launch, the team has announced that you’ll be getting a free Unicorn nameplate to show off in the full game.

Unfortunately, all those selected for this flight have already been sent an email from Halo Waypoint. However, this is the first Halo Infinite flight of what’s promised to be many, so for the chance to get invited next time, sign up at https://haloinsider.com/.

Halo Infinite comes out this Holiday season with free multiplayer and a paid campaign. It’ll be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. As always, Xbox Gamepass members will have access to it all on day 1.