Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Trailer Shows Off Features

Major Release

The Dungeons and Dragons universe has enamored fans from around the world for quite some time and has had various entries and iterations in the gaming industry over the years. Most recently, Tuque Games along with publisher Wizards of the Coast have been working on Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, which is set to release on 22nd June 2021. Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is a four player co-op action brawler where players band together with their best friends and fight against evil enemies across various zones and landscapes. The real-time combat offers intense fights and constant fun throughout the missions and journeys. From frost giants to vengeful dragons, four fierce warriors are tasked with defeating an onslaught of violent creatures and saving the world from the dark.

As the release date grows nearer, Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance officially launched its gameplay trailer. The trailer commences by showing various fighting sequences that highlights the brawler aspect of the game before jumping into the ‘story’, wherein the crystal shard cannot fall into the wrong hands. Next comes the four playable characters starting with Catti-Brie, a ranger with a deadly accurate bow, and Wulfgar, who wields a hammer and is always ready to venture into battle and crush his foes. Bruenor, a dwarf with a splendid beard, is the protector armed with a shield and axe while Drizzt wields two scimitars with lightning-quick ferocity and can call upon his astral panther, Guenhyvar, for assistance.

The trailer indicates that each hero has fifteen skills to unlock along with light and heavy attacks that mix for excellent combos as well as Ultimates and powered strikes that can save you while in a jam. Furthermore, throughout the journey, there will be approximately thirty different enemies, minions and huge bosses!

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is currently available for pre-order on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Standard Edition costs USD$39.99 while the Digital Deluxe Edition goes for USD$59.99 and includes benefits such as a Beholder Weapon Set, Lich Weapon Set and Echoes of the Blood War Expansion.


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