Dark Comedy Action-Adventure Protocol is Now Available On PS4 and Xbox One

Don’t Slip Up While Making the Leap to Consoles or You Will Be Eliminated

Some days it just doesn’t pay to go to work. Protocol puts you in the shoes of a volunteer for a secret government program, known as the Protocol, where one mistake probably will be your last. Especially since the Protocol itself is… not exactly a flawless secret conspiracy. This action-adventure title features a ton of things to go horribly wrong, bucketloads of dark comedy, and more aliens than you can shake a stick at. Will you obey your orders, no matter how ridiculous, to preserve your own life? Or will you risk everything to dig up the truth and find out where taxpayers’ money is really going? Just remember: you can die, but you can’t give up.

The game takes place in what is probably the near future, though the specifics are, of course, highly classified. You are a flippant, disrespectful soldier who made the mistake of volunteering for the Protocol, which gets you packed into a box and dropped off somewhere in the Arctic Circle. Accompanied by a mysterious and deeply unhelpful AI, you must follow orders to make first contact with an alien life form–within the Protocol program framework. Or you could try and figure out what’s behind the curtain. There’s no way that will backfire and get you killed, right? Right?

Game features include:

  • Top secret. The game’s plot is filled with secrets and conspiracy, insanity and fun.
  • Watch your step. Simple and logical things may be fatal due to the player’s careless decisions.
  • A variety of puzzles. From complex and twisted, to intuitive and obviously fun.

Protocol is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox One.

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