Upcoming Metal Slug Mobile Game Drops High-Octane Gameplay Reveal Trailer

SNK and TiMi Studio Group Resurrect Metal Slug

Some franchises lie dormant for decades before suddenly bursting back to life, like flowers blooming after a long winter. It looks like Metal Slug, SNK’s beloved run and gun series–not to be confused with Hideo Kojima’s mind-bending Metal Gear series–is about to be added to their number. The last Metal Slug game, Metal Slug XX, was a revised and repackaged version of Metal Slug 7, and it was released all the way back in 2009. About eleven years later, SNK has teamed up with TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, to bring back Metal Slug as a mobile game. And it looks awesome.

Players will once again have a chance to experience the high-octane side-scrolling shoot-em-up action that has made Metal Slug a beloved franchise since its initial launch in 1986. This time, the game will come with slick cel-shaded graphics, detailed environments, and some surprisingly complicated puzzle mechanics. The gameplay reveal trailer highlights a parachute that carries players steadily upwards, a gravity reversal mechanic that allows players to walk on the ceiling, sections of a level that take place on a rapidly-moving train, and one fight that appears to take place entirely on a slowly spinning sphere on which players must constantly adjust their position, all while shooting at a wide variety of creative enemy designs. It looks like a ton of fun to us.

The game will feature different game modes, enormous bosses, and meaningful progression systems that encourage players to explore levels and gather as many collectibles as possible. We’ve also seen glimpses of some striking character select screens, gorgeous splash art, and even hints of what CGI cutscenes could look like. A previous trailer gave this Metal Slug mobile game the working title of Metal Slug Code: J, but the final title–and release date–remain to be determined.

One thing is for sure: Metal Slug is going to take the mobile gaming market by storm.

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