Enormous Chalk Art Promoting Resident Evil Village Found In Somerset

100 Meters Long And Half As Tall

PR stunts can get pretty wild, and a giant chalk art werewolf in Somerset definitely qualifies as that. While it’s unclear how many Resident Evil Village fans are in Somerset, maybe this stunt will swell up those numbers. Hey, it’s a lot better than defiling gravestones or rewarding short-sighted baby names!

Resident Evil Village Promotion Somerset

The chalk lycan, pictured above, is 100 meters long and 58 meters tall. At first, there wasn’t even a Resident Evil logo to go by. The locals just woke up to a puzzling new addition to the hillside. While sweet chalk art is pretty common in the UK, it’s usually more historical and less tied to a given AAA release.

So is this just in Somerset going forward? Will there be squads of RE fans pouring tourism money into the town so they can pose for photos with this huge chalk werewolf? If so, how on Earth did Capcom arrange this? Resident Evil Village is finally out, and we’ve got tons of coverage for the game. You can check out our review here. We’ve also got some excellent gameplay footage on our YouTube channel. Resident Evil Village is out for PC, PS4/PS5, and the Xbox Series X/Xbox One.