Wanderer in VR Takes Players on an Adventure Through Time

Not All Who Wander are Time Travelers

Yesterday, Oddboy revealed a new VR game. At first, the trailer shows Wanderer with a post-apocalyptic setting; like an I Am Legend or Half-Life: Alyx rip-off, but it is so much more and has so much in store for players. Developer Oddboy’s catalogue of games have a few parody games like Milennialz, Jrump, and Kabashians, so Wanderer is quite different in tone. Still, it will not be without surprises. Wanderer will be taking players through time and space, and giving them a set of vastly different experiences and objectives.


The trailer for Wanderer shows the player navigating through a ruined city with buildings overgrown with foliage. They follow clues to a mysterious wristwatch and the idea that time and space are not fixed concepts. Oh, also the watch talks. The trailer then jumps around from place to place, and time to time. We visit the wreck of a moon lander, the entrance of a Mayan temple, the stage of a rock concert, a tesla coil experiment, and a secret WWII bunker. Everywhere and everywhen you go, you will be solving puzzles and problems to change the outcome of history.

It sort of seems like the developers had a dozen different ideas for VR demoes, but sewn them together with a tale of time travel, which can give the player a dozen different experiences with VR. VR enthusiasts will only have to wait a few more months before they can jump into this game. Wanderer will be out in the Summer of 2021 for Oculus, PSVR, and Steam VR.

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