Scavengers Early Access Coming Soon: Survival is Key

Scavenge to Survive

Scavengers is an upcoming survival game set in a frozen, barren wasteland where sixty players will fight each other along with hundreds of enemies and creatures. Squads of three players are tasked with surviving the horrors of the world after an asteroid destroyed the Moon and left Earth frozen. A virus has spread across the planet and as a result, resources are rare and require hard fought battles. In essence, Scavengers offers hybrid PVE-PVP gameplay requiring teamwork with the ultimate goal of successfully escaping the planet a dropship that will land at randomized points across the map.

Following a successful Closed Beta, Scavengers is officially set to launch into Early Access on Wednesday April 28th, 2021, on both Steam and the Epic Store. Prospective players should jump at the opportunity to sign up to the free Early Access today, as from tomorrow the game would require keys given out at Twitch Events, which may not be easy for players to get their hands on.

In order to survive, players would have to gear up and keep warm, as the harsh, cold weather takes a toll on characters in the game. However, as an added element of difficulty, while merely surviving, players must remain wary of threats from other players, who may be fought or avoided and hostile AI enemies including animals, the Scourge, roaming bosses and the ‘storm’. The ‘storm’ can be likened to the concept of other battle royales where if persons do not enter the requisite zones, their health begins to deteriorate rapidly.

In addition to the gameplay, players can choose a unique explorer, with its own class ability, weapon and passive abilities or talents. The talent categories namely, defensive, aggressive, movement and utility, offer varying gameplay styles and ought to be considered for the sake of survival. The tactical elements can provide for some captivating moments where communication and teamwork is of utmost importance.

Scavengers Early Access will be available on both Steam and the Epic Store and if players are unable to get in via registration on the website, Twitch Drop and media giveaways provide an alternative avenue.

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Source: Press Release