Resident Evil: Village Gets 14 Minutes of New Gameplay

Get Ready For a Nightmare

Resident Evil: Village drops in less than three weeks, and anticipation for the new game is sky high. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t have more teases. Not only do we have the second half of the demo to come (or the whole thing, if you don’t use a PS5) but we just got fourteen minutes of new gameplay to mull over, and it looks like we could be in for the scariest ride yet.

First off, the video all but confirms reports that Alcina Dimitrescu will stalk you throughout Castle Dimitrescu, alongside her three daughters, but it looks like Capcom have saved some of their more terrifying creations for the end zone, particularly what I’m going to say with no hesitation is the scariest doll since Chucky. Seen at a gathering held by the big bad Mother Miranda, she appears to be owned by the unidentified head of another house. We also get a glimpse of a troll-like figure who could well lead or represent another. Given that the tall lady and hammer weilding telekinetic have already been named as Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg, it’s a good bet that these two characters represent House Beneviento and House Moreau.

We get an extended look at combat, including Ethan taking on lycans, gargoyles, and footage from a cut scene where he’s accosted by a giant lycan wielding a hammer. Also worth noting is that being faster and more agile than Ethan seemingly isn’t enough, as the Lycans can ride horses.

The loot system is returning, and Village is taking another cue from the 4-6 era as Ethan can barricade himself into buildings, at least until the door is broken down. This gives him ample time to set a trap, as seen in the video.

Finally, let’s talk about the graphics; the demo may show off a good deal of what the RE Engine is capable of but the video itself showcases just how beautiful a trip we’re in for, so even if this turns out to be the scariest game in the series yet, at least it’ll look good while it terrifies us.

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