Final Fantasy XIV Gets a New Trailer – And PS5 Footage

Death Unto Dawn

Final Fantasy XIV‘s availability on consoles means that, unlike other MMO’s like World of Warcraft, it can benefit in a huge way from new technology. Whereas World of Warcraft, for example, will undoubtedly look better on a high-end gaming PC than a standard one, the fact of the matter is that most gamers don’t have the technology to take advantage of the latest PC innovations. Compared to a high-end gaming computer a new console is relatively affordable, so Final Fantasy XIV can continuously drop new versions for as long as it’s available. We’ve already seen a big upgrade from the PS3 to the PS4, and the upcoming PS5 edition – and the simultaneous drop of Patch 5.5 – will make Eorzea more beautiful than ever.

The trailer for Patch 5.5 showcases what we can expect from the new patch – including some of the most gorgeous environments in the game so far, a corrupted version of Ifrit, and Emerald Weapon. The patch will also drop with new instances, as well as other goodies like mounts, minions, and updates to New Game +.

That still not enough to keep you going until the PS5 release? You’re in luck – thanks to a new video we have some footage of the game running on Sony’s latest system.

It’s not the most action-packed video ever of course – it mostly consists of a female Lalafel (the adorably short race of the game) emoting on a shoreline, trying out some of the new mounts, and running around a giant crab – but that might be enough to keep us going until PS5 beta drops next week.

Also interesting is Yoshida’s choice of shirt. We’ve previously written about how his outfit choices tend to reflect upcoming classes, with fans theorizing about a previous top with skeletons and scythes. This time around his shirt has an angel over the breast – a sign that perhaps we’re getting some angel of death figure? If so, it would tie in with the theories that we’ll be seeing a scythe-wielding DPS class.

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