New Video Digs Into FF7 Remake Intergrade’s Upgraded Features

The Graphics Look… Better?

Square Enix dropped a new, longer trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade! The video offers up slightly more detail about the upcoming upgrade, including features and a baffling graphics comparison sequence! If you want a 1080p look at how the new visuals will look, check out the trailer embedded below!

But actually, what is the purpose in a 4K graphics showcase without 4K? Admittedly, the textures do look slightly cleaner, and the draw distance is more crisp. Plus, everything looks smooth as butter in 60fps. But that’s not all they showed off! Square Enix also drew attention to the Photo Mode and the Yuffie expansion. Also the lighting and fog effects, which don’t hit the same in 1080p.

It’s pretty important that every gorgeous game have a Photo Mode. How else can players show off their advanced composition skills online? Intergrade is absolutely primed for Photo Mode, if only for the insane battle frames and introspective gaze moments. You know, staring out over a cityscape while the sun sets kind of moments. The trailer ends with a message about how the Yuffie content is “available for purchase after upgrading to the PlayStation 5 version” of the game. Hopefully we get more details about the cost of said expansion soon. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to the PS5 on June 10th, 2021.