Neptunia ReVerse Will Be Hitting PS5 This Summer

This Game Sure Is Something

Where to begin? The first of the Neptunia games debuted in 2010 for the PS3. Since then there have been several main series sequels, a dozen spinoffs, and even remakes of the main series titles. The first game Hyerdimension Neptunia was remade as Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1, and now Neptunia ReVerse is a remake of that remake, made with all the gameplay evolutions the series had made since then. So, that’s where we are now. The characters in the game are even more out there. We have all heard of the console war, but the characters in Neptunia are not figuratively, but literally the embodiment of that.

Neptunia ReVerse

The game takes place in the land of Gamindustri (Game Industry), which is divided into four areas, each ruled by a different CPU. These CPUs are human/goddesses that are personifications of game consoles that we know. We have Neptune; the personification of a fictitious Sega console, Noir; the personification of PlayStation, Vert; the personification of Xbox, and Blanc; the personification of Nintendo. There are also personifications of Dreamcast, PC, and Sega Mega Drive. The characters are very cutesy, young anime girls, who look to be in elementary school, but when they transform into their Goddess forms, they all grow up into powerful adult warriors.

Whew. Now that you know vaguely what this game is all about, Western audiences will be able to play it this Summer. Neptunia ReVerse has been available in Japan since December, but on June 8th, North Americans can play it on their PS5.

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