Cloud Gardens Spreads to Xbox and Receives Major PC Update

Why Settle For One Piece of Good News When You Could Have Two?

We all have room in our hearts for relaxing games, but Cloud Gardens combines peaceful gameplay with the deep and visceral satisfaction of watching desolate wasteland be slowly consumed by vibrant greenery, so no wonder it’s been so successful. This title made quite a splash on PC and will soon be blooming on Xbox One and S|X. We’re looking forward to seeing those creeping vines swallow up abandoned structures and empty wasteland. As if that weren’t awesome enough, Cloud Gardens is also getting a huge update on PC today–an industrial-themed addition that will make helping nature reclaim the ruins even more satisfying. Take that, factory, you’re a forest now! But first, here’s the Xbox announcement trailer to get you in the proper mood.

As you can see, Cloud Gardens’ gameplay mostly consists of carefully covering various pieces of decaying low-fi architecture in various kinds of plants, which looks incredibly satisfying. The industrial update will add new buildings to overgrow and new types of plants to drape over, poke through, and hang down from every surface.

“The industrial update is big, but it’s based on a simple idea: turn a factory into a forest,” said Thomas van den Berg, Creator of Cloud Gardens and one-man dev team Noio. “We’re digging deeper into Cloud Gardens’ central theme of reclamation and care. Plus, it’s super fun!”

The industrial update will feature:

  • Fourteen extra levels, new gnome audio effects, and over fifty+ inorganic objects to scatter around.
  • Pine trees!
  • Myriad quality of life improvements: advanced keyboard controls, an auto item grabber, and a complete UI overhaul.
  • Free-cam option in photo mode.

All we can say is that it looks super fun.

Cloud Gardens is currently available on PC and will be released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One later in 2021.

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