What Can We Expect From Another Doom Game?

Does Doom Slayer Have a Retirement Plan?

A week and a half ago, The Ancient Gods: Part Two DLC for Doom Eternal came out on PC and consoles. Traditionally, Doom is one of those games where you just run around, blast demons, and feel satisfied doing it. You don’t really need a story or reason to do it, but with the recent reboot series, you get it anyway. The new DLC puts a cap on the story that the Doom Slayer set out on in the 2016 game, so where does that leave the series?

Doom Eternal VR

Doom Eternal director Hugo Martin sat down with Polygon for an interview discussing the possible paths forward for the series. The franchise as a whole has a lot of history. Like many iconic heroes like Mario and Link, the Doom Slayer and his fight against demons is timeless. What Martin says about him is that “there are more stories to tell with the Doom Slayer”. He goes on to say that because Doom Slayer is timeless, a new Doom story can take place in any setting really. He toyed with the idea that the first Doom Slayer could appear in a medieval setting or we could see one in the distant future.

With the current saga of Doom having just ended, there are no solid plans for what is to come. Hugo Martin did recall conversations the development team was having about what defines Doom. Things that make Doom what it is and things that do not. Having a good grasp on what it takes to make a Doom game, you can bet that if they decide to make another, it is in good hands. Doom Eternal is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

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