Super Groupies and Sony Collaborates to Make Bloodborne Accessories

Wallet? Check. Watch? Check. Bag? Check.

They may not help you kill bloodthirsty monsters and undead creatures, but there are a few Bloodborne accessories that will give you a flashy and stylish look. The clothing and accessory maker Super Groupies specializes in video game-inspired items collaborated with Sony to bring the world some must-see pieces for Bloodborne fans. There may not be any tricorn hats or overcoats with 17 buckles, but things that are a bit more practical for a boring world like ours. These items include a watch, backpack, and wallet.

Bloodborne Accessories

The watch is pretty slick and even more impressive as a mechanical device. It is a self-winding timepiece, so it doesn’t run on a battery. It has a clocktower window that displays the moon or the sun, depending on time of day. This is reminiscent to the in-game battle with Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower. The backpack, while not something a hunter would wear, is inspired by a hunter’s clothing. It is covered in straps and buckles like a hunter’s outfit and comes with a removable keychain. The keychain is modeled after the Saw Hunter Badge. It is big enough for a small laptop, some books, and a water bottle. Perfect for a day out.

The wallet exterior is covered in leather, embossed with symbols that Bloodborne players will recognize. These symbols include Karel characters for “moon”, “brilliance”, Odon without a figure”, “hunting”, and “dirt”. It is a tri-fold wallet with slots for 8 different cards, as well as a zipper coin purse. While these items look super cool, there is bad news. They are no longer available to order… for now. However, if you did place an order when you could, you should be receiving them right about now. Who knows. Maybe if people make enough noise, they could be put on sale again. Bloodborne is available exclusively on PS4.

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