Modders Are Asking: Do You Feel the Bern?

The 21st Century’s Most Unlikely Pop Culture Icon Gets to Gaming

We all know who Bernie Sanders is. The American politician may be touching eighty but his affect on pop culture has been insane, and he’s come close to the presidency on two occasions – mostly bolstered by people some five or six decades younger than him attracted to his socialist policies. Sanders has a penchant for ending up in memetic situations, whether it’s a bird landing on his podium or his earnest request for help during campaign videos, but the most recent Bernie meme is an image of him at one-time rival Joe Biden’s inauguration. You know the one.

Never ones to turn down a good meme, the internet quickly started inserting the image into a variety of different scenes. Game of Thrones? The Lord of the RIngs? Mean Girls? You name it, there’s probably an image out there somewhere where Bernie is sitting in a scene in all his mittened glory, but some modders have taken things a step further, modding Bernie into a variety of different video games, to hilarious results.

Using a model created by Joe Mashups, modders have started inserting Bernie into a variety of different games, so if you ever wanted to see Bernie as a sith lord, or a herd of sims travelling the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 4, or relentlessly hunting Ethan Winters throughout the Baker House in Resident Evil 7 without getting up from his chair, now’s your chance.

There’s something about this meme that’s just… well, heartwarming. After all, is there anyone alive who doesn’t love Shirley Curry, aka Skyrim Grandma? Sure, we can’t make any blanket statements about the modder’s political leanings – Bernie does take a villainous role in several clips in the above video – but hey, you don’t make waves in political circles without some people thinking you want to take over the world with an army of demons at your disposal.

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