Loose Lips Sank The Nintendo Netflix Ship

Project Leaks Allegedly Made Nintendo Pull The Netflix Plug

At one point, there was a rumor that Nintendo was working with Netflix to adapt a couple of their properties. We heard about this all the way back in 2015, and then… nothing. Well, maybe there was a reason for that? A recent interview suggests that Nintendo got cold feetĀ immediately after the rumors started circulating.

legend of zelda

Adam Conover was working with the College Humor team to cook up some Star Fox shorts back in 2015. This was right around the time that Netflix was maybe making a Legend of Zelda series. Once those series rumors started up though, both Conover and Netflix got notice that their projects were getting shut down. Nintendo “pulled the plug on everything, the entire program to adapt these things,” according to Conover.

Nintendo has made at least one public statement denying this ever happened. Of course, they also swore up and down that a Zelda Netflix show wasn’t happening in the first place. At this point we’ve got no concrete evidence from Nintendo, but it sure seems like we were denied a Legend of Zelda TV series just a few short years ago. Which is a terrible shame, because the old animated series can’t remain the only Zelda TV offering. We just… need that to be replaced at some point, you know? The entire interview with Conover is embedded in a video below.