Square Enix Trademarks Ever Crisis – But What Does It Mean?

One of the Biggest Names in Gaming Has a New Mystery to Solve

Final Fantasy has a long history but arguably no entry is iconic as Final Fantasy VII. Outside of the remake there have been anime’s, novels, manga, spin-off games, and even a movie set in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Hell, writer Kazushige Nojima worked on Final Fantasy X and hinted that Final Fantasy X-2’s Shinra was an ancestor of the original Shinra founders, making the world even bigger than previously thought. Collectively, the universe is called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and it looks like it’s about to get bigger with the new trademark.

While it isn’t confirmed, it’s worth noting that two separate games in the compilation have names relating to crisis; mobile game Before Crisis and PSP spin-off Crisis Core, hinting that Ever Crisis will indeed have a connection to Final Fantasy VII, but in what sense? It could be the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, or part 2 in the trilogy, but the issue there is that we know that both are already coming, so why the cloak and dagger?

It’s also worth noting that Square Enix also trademarked The First Soldier, so it’s a possibility that each is a codename for one of the upcoming projects, but given the resurgence in popularity for Final Fantasy VII’s universe, why not explore more of what the world has to offer? The First Soldier could either be a reference to Sephiroth, whose genome was used to create Shinra’s elite security force, SOLDIER, or it could be a reference to Solider 1st Class. Both could easily be a reference to a Final Fantasy VII Remake but, again, why use such mysterious trademarks for already announced projects?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Will we be getting more information on the universe, or even remasters of some older games like Crisis Core? It’s possible – given that Final Fantasy VII Remake took the story off the rails and seemingly prevented Zack’s death, and he was the star of Crisis Core, maybe the time is right to tell his story – or even give him some DLC in the upcoming Remake: Part 2.

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