The New Persona 5 Strikers Trailer Will Steal Your Heart

The Phantom Thieves are Back in Action

Persona 5 took the gaming world by storm, so it’s no wonder that not only did we get an enhanced remaster in Persona 5 Royal, but an entire sequel bringing u back into the world. Set some months after the original game, Strikers sees the Phantom Thieves reuniting for a summer trip, only to be drawn into a new crisis – downtrodden people are using a mysterious app to create Jails around Japan, forcing anyone who hears a specific keyword to have a change of heart, becoming fanatical to these monarchs. It’s up to the Phantom Thieves to get to the bottom of things, freeing society from the control of the metaverse.

Unlike Persona 5 or Persona 5: Royal, Persona 5: Strikers is an action RPG, and it’s taking things up a notch with new skills and larger areas, giving you entire crowds of shadows to mow through. Rather than palaces, we get the aforementioned jails – distorted versions of various areas of Japan: rather than entire metaversal constructs like, say pyramids and casinos, we get a distorted version of the area itself, like Shibuya, as our playground.

The above trailer shows off some of the phantom thieves, including new addition Sophia. Unfortunately, two Phantoms from Persona 5 and Royal are bowing out of the new adventure, with both Goro and Akane unaccounted for – each for different reasons, although it would certainly be nice to see them make an appearance, especially given Goro’s mysterious fate in the ending of Persona 5 Royal.

Still, it looks like we’ll be getting more action and more adventure, and the game even looks better while still maintaining the distinct anime-esque style of its prequel, with cleaner, more dynamic animations befitting the new gameplay style. Sadly, there’s no news of a PS5 release quite yet, but if the PS4 edition looks this good we can only imagine what an upgrade would play like.

If Persona 5 Strikers were aiming to steal our hearts, we have to give it to them: it looks like they succeeded.

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