Get Claire Redfield’s Leather Jacket From Resident Evil 2 Remake

Made In Heaven

Say what you want about zombie apocalypse survivors and their choices, but you have to admit, they have style. Claire Redfield in particular has her own signature look and color scheme. Her sleeveless, red outfit from the original Resident Evil 2 game carried over into many of her other appearances, but has evolved for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Her modernized leather jacket is now available for hardcore fans of Claire to buy. Just don’t lend it to any children named Sherry for any length of your visit to Raccoon City.

Claire Redfield Jacket

Ark/8 is a clothing company that specializes in making licensed video game apparel. They have recently made Claire’s leather jacket seen in Resident Evil 2 Remake. It has all the right zippers and buttons in all the right places, as well as an embossed “Made In Heaven” logo on the back. The jacket is made of 100% lamb leather with a high quality acetate lining the inside. It is quite expensive at $450, but you’ll look like a million bucks or an award winning game at the very least. Perfect for cosplaying or just looking for your brother in a T-virus outbreak.

Most of the other clothing from Ark/8 is not accurate to in-game clothing other than this jacket, but you can also see their product licensed by games like Borderlands, Mass Effect, Destiny, Overwatch, and Dark Souls. If you do decide to buy Claire’s jacket, it will ship sometime in July.

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