Illustrator Turned Cosplayer Lacey James Is Breathing Life Into Our Favorite Characters

Lacey James Cosplay FeatureĀ 

Another week has come and gone and our cosplay fans know what that means! If you’re new around here, every weekend we like to spotlight and shout out some amazing cosplayers to spread the love and appreciation. This weekend we are spotlighting the handsome and incredibly talented Lace James. This British cosplayer has been in the cosplay scene for a bit now but has been in the gaming industry for far longer as a concept artist and seriously, whether it be in the form of his portraits he paints or in his cosplays, the attention to detail and accuracy is evident in every piece he puts out. Scroll on through to check out some of the amazing characters he’s brought to life.

Joel – The Last of Us

Lacey James

Tommy Miller – The Last of Us

Lacey James

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