Christmas Themed Mercy Overwatch Cosplay is Awesome

This Christmas Overwatch Cosplay Is Most Excellent

It would be an understatement to say Blizzard has hit a homerun with Overwatch. Years later, it is still going strong with a massive fanbase and a robust cast of colorful characters. Naturally, with its popularity, Overwatch cosplay has become a thing at gaming conventions everywhere. We’ve showcase Overwatch cosplay on more than a few occasions, including this sexy cosplay feature from 4-years ago. But with no gaming expo’s or con’s anywhere in sight for the past 9-months, many have resorted to posting their incredible cosplay on social media from home.

Overwatch has amassed quite the cast of characters and fans all seem to love their various personalities. Mercy is unquestionably one of the more popular characters, at least when it comes to cosplay. Featured this week is cosplayer polaris.cos who decided to showcase Mercy, but with a Christmas twist. As you can see her cosplay is fantastic. Check out another image from her Instagram page:

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