Indie Showdown 2021 is Now Open for Submissions

Indie Devs, Now is Your Time

The Label has announced that this year’s Indie Showdown competition is now open for business. The event, which aims to celebrate indie game makers and honor excellence in the indie mobile game community, will be open until February 19, 2021. Last year’s competition winner was Levelhead by Butterscotch Shenanigans, which can now stand proudly alongside What the Golf? by Triband, Mushroom 11 by Untame, Tiny Bubbles by Pine Street Codeworks, Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules, and Bring You Home by Alike Studios. There’s no entry fee and you can win cash prizes which total $17,000, so we heartily encourage the indie devs in our audience to check this opportunity out.

Indie Showdown 2021 promo art

The panel of judges will feature the original Indie Showdown contest winner, Tim Garbos, Creative Director on What the Golf? and Itay Keren, founder of Untame Games and creator of Mushroom 11, and Joshua Babich, The Label’s Director of Product. The press release reports that: “The top 10 games will be revealed on March 10, with winners announced shortly after. Prizes include: $10,000 for the grand first-place winner, $5,000 for the second place prize, and $2,000 for the third place winner.”

There are several rules that submissions must meet in order to be considered, but here are a few highlights:

  • Pre-launch: Your game must not be launched worldwide.

  • Indie: You must not have a publisher or signed publishing agreement.

  • Original: You must own 75% of the showcased IP.

  • Mobile: Games must be playable on mobile devices.

You can check out the full contest rules if you’re interested in competing. Indie Showdown will judge its submissions on all aspects of the game’s craftmanship–design, technical, visual, and audio elements–as well as fun factor. If you’ve got a game ready and you could really use that prize money, go click the link now. You lose 100 percent of the awards you don’t try for.

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