Humans Took My Neighbors is Live on Kickstarter

A Colorful Romp Through a World of Cruel Humans and Innocent Monsters

There are a lot of games out there with the simple premise of ‘someone near you has been kidnapped by monsters’, and for good reason. It’s a solid, simple premise that games throughout history have gotten a lot of mileage out of. That said, if you’re a fan of monsters, you do grow a little tired of seeing them always painted as the one-dimensional villains. Imagine our delight when we stumbled across this funny indie title, with its retro stylings, smooth top-down gameplay, and equally simple premise: you are a monster, and humans have kidnapped your monster neighbors. You must do battle with 50’s-style gangsters, altar boys, and Karens in order to save the day. Check it out now on Kickstarter.

In this world, monsters have been under attack by humans for a long, long time. So when humans start pouring out of portals and dragging monsters back into the human world, there’s nothing to do but grab your weapons and prepare to fight back. Players will take on the roles of the vampire Anthony Albescue and the werewolf Fenrietta Burnt, two close friends who are determined to rescue the kidnapped members of their community. Learn about both humans and monsters, gather collectibles, and use items to overcome threats. The game also offers a branching narrative with multiple endings. Save your neighbors… or fail, and become more monstrous than ever.

Developer Carlos Garza states that: “I’m hoping to raise $13,500 to develop the game full time and deliver by Q2 2022. Pledges for a digital copy of the game start at $15 and go all the way up to $200 for anyone who wants to help design a special enemy.”

If you want to get in on this comedic, retro action game, now is the time to pledge.

humans took my neighbors screenshot

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