Legendary Halo Composer Open to Working on Smash Ultimate

If Master Chief Gets Added Of Course

There are still three fighters left to be added to Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 and many fans are still holding out hope for Master Chief as a Microsoft representative, despite the addition of Banjo-Kazooie and Steve from Minecraft.

In a recent interview for a YouTube channel called KIWI TALKZ, the legendary Halo composer, Martin O’Donnell who worked on the early entries in the series, talks about his thoughts on Master Chief joining Smash Bros. Ultimate, stating that he would be happy to work with Nintendo if given the chance.

O’Donnell notes that he hasn’t been asked to do anything for Microsoft in over a decade and is doubtful that he would hear from them, but if Nintendo reached out to him for the opportunity, he would be happy to get involved.

“That’d be great. I haven’t been asked by Microsoft to do anything in the last decade or so, so I’d be surprised because Microsoft, of course, still owns the IP and they for some reason have not asked me to do anything so…I’d be surprised if they asked me, but if Nintendo asked me, that’d be great.”

O’Donnell wouldn’t be the first legacy composer to come back to work on a few tracks for the game, Banjo-Kazooie composer, Grant Kirkope returned to the lovable bear and bird to compose a few new remixed tracks for the Banjo-Kazooie DLC when it dropped in 2019.

While there is no confirmation on Master Chief filling one of the last few coveted DLC spots, it is very possible considering the close relationship Nintendo and Microsoft has had in recent years and the importance of the character to Microsoft’s brand, especially with the release of Halo Infinite later this year.

In the rest of the interview, O’Donnell talks about his time at Bungie, his current relationship with both Bungie and Microsoft, and his career at large.