Animal Crossing Gaming Chair Coming From X Rocker

My Lumbar Hurts Just Looking At It

Not everyone wants a DX Racer or Secretlab gaming chair. Sometimes, just an office chair or recliner will work. There is also the gamer demographic of young children whose backs are extra malleable, so you don’t need to worry to much about support. That’s why we have those beanbag chairs and fuzzy foam chairs with Cookie Monster on them, right? Well, the young gamer in your family can have a cute throne of their own with one of the many X Rocker chairs. A particularly new one is the Animal Crossing gaming chair.

Animal Crossing X Rocker

The Animal Crossing gaming chair from Argos has a cute pattern of different faces and symbols from the series, as well as a group portrait of the familiar characters. The shape is an odd one, but for kids, it makes sense. You can go from casual-lean-back gaming mode to serious-lean-forward gaming mode in a flash and the shape allows for rocking, for kids who can’t stop moving. Argos also mentions that the material is an easy “wipe-clean surface” in case your child spills juice or peanut butter or Monster or whatever kids consume. Like many other X Rocker chairs, this one can fold up for easy storage and mobility.

Argos has other licensed Nintendo products for their X Rockers, like Mario, Luigi, and Peach gaming chairs in the same style as the Animal Crossing one. There are also raised and swiveling chairs for all ages with supplementary audio devices built in. These products are made and shipped within the UK, but determined gamers in North America will find a way to get their butts in these seats.

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