Inked Picked Up Four Awards at Game Connection 2020

That List Includes the Grand Award

The Game Awards 2020 have come and gone, but they’re far from the only important game awards ceremony the world has to offer. Game Connection Asia’s 2020 Indie Development Awards, held in Xi’an on December 9th and 10th, also went off without a hitch. And we’re just now reporting on them due to a mixture of distance, holiday confusion, and good old-fashioned eurocentrism. At least we have something joyous to report: Inked, the delightful pen and paper-crafted puzzler and platformer, made out like a fox in the indie awards section. This beloved indie title took home Best Mobile/Tablet Game, Best Casual Game, Best Upcoming Game, and the Grand Award. Believe us, it deserves the accolades.

For those of you who are missing out, Inked tells the story of a nameless ronin on a quest to find his lost love, Aiko. However, having given up the use of weapons, our hero is equipped with only a pen that he must to create various shapes and pass challenges. His path will lead him into conflict with Adam, the creator of the story, and its overall antagonist. Because there’s nothing like a good story of creation vs creator to get people invested.

Inked‘s previous PC launch was “nominated for Infogamer by Reboot’s Special Selection and Reboot Develop’s Best Visual Award in 2016. The mobile version is expected to launch in Q1 2021. With the newly upgraded control, storyline, and visual design, it captured the attention of the Game Connection juries as well as the Apple Editors.”

The game is now listed on the App Store page and featured on the App Store’s Coming Soon section. It is available for pre-order worldwide, except in China.

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