Blizzard Masks Are Available in the Styles of Several Blizzard Games

Be a Hero

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, it seems like there is never a bad time to come out with cool, stylish face coverings to make our time in public a little more bearable. Blizzard has jumped into the market with face masks for their fans, so if you have a favorite Blizzard game, then there might be one on their store for you. The Blizzard masks come in packs of three. There are two designs in each pack, so there are doubles of one of the designs. The elastic straps also go over your head instead of your ears, so make sure you wear them right; chin to nose, bros.

Blizzard Masks

There is a World of Warcraft Alliance pack, which is actually the only pack with three different designs. There are also Diablo, StarCraft, HearthStone, and Heroes of the Storm packs, as well as a general Blizzard pack with symbols from their various games on the masks. There are two Overwatch packs as well. One features many heroes such as Genji, Roadhog, Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Bastion, McCree, and Pharah. The second pack is a D.Va pack, complete with her pink bunny motifs.

The masks are 100% polyester and machine washable, but be sure to hang-dry them; you don’t want them elastic straps to go bad. Each mask pack goes for $24.99. There is also a sale going on on the Blizzard store. Ending at midnight of November 9th, customers can use the code ACHIEVE for discounts. Sales over $49, $74, and $99 will be discounted 20%, 25%, and 30% off respectively. These are special event items and will ship between now and December 15th.

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