Players Can Be Perma Banned By Minecraft Moderators


Video games are not inherently for kids, but if a lot of kids play them, they end up being kids games. Take Minecraft, for example. The elements are family-friendly, so there are an insane amount of kids playing the game; ergo, kids game. In order to maintain that audience, there are strict rules. Mojang has recently given more power to moderators in enforcing those rules. Moderators now have the option of permanently banning users who do not follow the rules. Naughty naughty. Like any online game, there are community rules and guidelines, which are pretty generic and sensible; don’t be a jerk.

Minecraft Moderators

Mojang Support is in the process of defining the punishments and actions taken against offenders who break community guidelines, particularly when sending online messages. Their statement reads, in part: “Currently, moderators can hand out permanent bans that extend to all versions of Minecraft (except Minecraft Dungeons) in order to target severe offenses, meant to cause harm to others. We are also working on introducing temporary bans for lesser offenses.¬†When a user is banned, they will receive a message specifying the reason, as well as information on how they can cancel their Realms subscription. For more details, including examples of severe offenses, please visit the¬†Minecraft Help Center.”

Obviously, you need to be in pretty big breach of these community guidelines to be banned, but it sounds like Mojang is working on smaller punishments for smaller offenses. It also looks like Minecraft Dungeons will also have a different set of rules and punishments. It is after all, more of a team game inherently. Minecraft is available on PC, mobile platforms, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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