Witch It Launches Just in Time for Halloween

A Spooky Treat for the Whole Family

Yes, you heard it correctly: after three years in early access, this colorful Halloween-inspired hide and seek challenge will finally see its full release. Witch It leaves early access today at 6PM BST / 7PM CEST, bringing with it a ton of awesome goodies. Version 1.0 will contain all-new maps, abilities, and, of course, a ton of props to disguise yourself as and interact with. Cute, cartoony graphics, gorgeous colors, and a seemingly endless amount of skins make this a great game to play with your kids. Players can choose between a sneaky witch or a stalwart hunter, each with their own abilities and goals. We’ve covered this game before, but not in its full glory. So what does it contain at launch?

How’s this for starters:

  • Play as a hunter or witch on 15 diverse maps, each with its own unique play styles and prop layouts for you to discover

  • Use a growing array of fun skills to troll and fool your opponents

  • Dynamic, physical-based prop movement allows you to easily locate hiding spots or traverse the maps effortlessly

  • Unlock countless customization options for both hunters and witches, of varying rarities and calibre

  • Progress and level your account to show off your prop hunting and hiding abilities

  • Play on public servers with other experienced prop hunters and witches, or open up your own private server and play with a group of friends

On launch, the game will update with two brand new maps based on magical forests and a variety of decorative items for everyone to play with. Better yet, Witch It will also open up a number of extra challenges. Witches and hunters will both receive a new unique ability which will open up new gameplay options. Last but not least, the launch announcement promises bug fixes and many improvements, including new SFX and atmospheric music. Sounds spooky in the most lovable way!

Witch It will be available on Steam for £15.99GBP / €19.99EUR / $28.95AUD.

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