Felony Charges Laid Against Major Gaming Piracy Group

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Team Xecuter, a publisher of several different versions of homebrew software for various gaming systems, is now facing felony charges. Known for hacking the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, Max Louarn, Yuanning Chen, and Gary Bowser were brought up on eleven counts, including wire fraud and conspiracy.

The US Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Washington released a statement in regards to the recent controversy:

“These defendants were allegedly leaders of a notorious international criminal group that reaped illegal profits for years by pirating video game technology of US companies,” Brian Rabbitt, Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, said. “These arrests show that the department will hold accountable hackers who seek to commandeer and exploit the intellectual property of American companies for financial gain, no matter where they may be located.”

“These defendants lined their pockets by stealing and selling the intellectual property of other video-game developers–even going so far as to make customers pay a licensing fee to play stolen games,” US Attorney Brian Moran said. “This conduct doesn’t just harm billion-dollar companies, it hijacks the hard work of individuals working to advance in the video-game industry.”

hackers feature

It was noted that none of the accused have been convicted of anything, and are otherwise innocent until proven guilty. Thanks, Cops.

What are your thoughts on the recent arrests of Max Louarn, Yuanning Chen, and Gary Bowser? Have you ever made use of Team Xecuter’s services? Sound off in the comment section below.

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