Rave Horror Strobophagia Drops New Trailer

Still Not as Big a Disaster as Fyre Festival

If you’re like me, a rave isn’t exactly what you’d call a good time. I feel like I’d get bored after two hours and want to go home and binge Community on Netflix for the fiftieth time, but for a lot of people it’s an entire culture. People spend thousands of dollars on the perfect outfits, and raves have popped up everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the Catacombs of Paris and, I say this with exactly zero exaggeration, in zero gravity.

Raves are a big deal, is what I’m saying, and Strobophagia puts you in the shoes of one such rave enthusiast who finds himself at Headless Festival, only for the organizers to announce that the entry fee is your life. To escape, you’ll need to solve the mysteries of the festival, solve puzzles using your smartphone and the help of your fellow attendees, and avoid the mysterious danger lurking in the shadows.

As far as style goes, I personally can’t think of a game that’s combined fear with the EDM scene; it’s not realistic, by any means, but it’s highly stylized, with neon bodypaint, strobe lighting, and luminous graffiti everywhere. The music has similarly been designed to combine the horror and rave elements, with the developers Green Tile Digital describing it as oppressive, but danceable.

“We can’t wait for horror and EDM fans to put on a pair of headphones and immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of horrors we’ve prepared for them,” said Ben Clarke, CEO of Green Tile Digital.


The game drops on October 28th, just in time for Halloween, so considering any parties will likely involve exclusively our significant others/roommates/families/pets this may be a nice way to enjoy the season instead.

I once missed MCR and 30 Seconds to Mars because an Australian guy stepped on my friend’s ankle in the crowd for The Offspring and I had to take her to the ER. What was your worst festival experience? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.